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Atheism Shit that Rocks

Atheism Shit that Rocks

Hello. Are you an atheist who has had something awesome happen to them, simply because you're an atheist? Feel free to share it here! Submit via the submit box. Just put a sentence or two in the box, and I’ll make it into a graphic and post it.

Questions/Comments/Site Suggestions? Please use the ask box. Please don't use the ask box for submissions!

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Hey followers, remember this blog? It was a bit dead for awhile but not it’s back. I guess it’s the blog equivalent of a zombie. Except it’s not trying to eat your brain, just give a place to revel in the positives that come where religion ends.

Anyway,I’m taking this over from the fantastic Christiantheatheist. I took it over right before my midterm project’s due so there won’t be a lot of activity for a few days but I promise to get to this within the next week, the atheism tag could stand to see a bit more of the bright side of disbelief.

 Oh also I should probably introduce myself. I’m Colleen and I spend too much time procrastinating on the internet. ‘ll post a link to my personal blog in a minute for whoever’s interested. That’s about it.

Submit as you’d like and have a great night!